A wee lassie from a big city…

Travel and photography are my passions in life and that is what this blog is all about. It started with a 2 year trip through South East Asia and the Pacific, teaching myself photography along the way. As my confidence has grown, so have my photographs. That first trip left me well and truly bitten by the bug. I’ve decided to share some of my stories and photographs from my trips and will be dipping back into old journals as I go.

As much as I love to travel though, I’m also pretty fond of my hometown of Glasgow and can usually be found out and about in the leafy Westend in search of something interesting to photograph so there will be plenty of projects to share with you too.

Throughout all of the countries I have visited, I have tried to capture the essence and vibe of the people, places, landscapes and details that have caught my eye. My aim has always been to evoke a feeling within my photography. To tell a story and show the wanderlust that has captured me and in doing so, hopefully inspire some wanderlust within others too!

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